For Attorneys

Katherine B. Ashley, CPA, CDFA, provides attorneys financial and tax expertise as it relates to divorce.


Collection of Necessary Documentation
Assistance with completing Financial Affidavit
Basis of Assets and Liabilities

Tax Consequences of Different Settlement Proposals
Spousal Support
Retirement Plans and Pensions
Executive Compensation

Lifestyle Analysis and Tracing to determine cash flow
Search for omissions, misstatements, and hidden assets
Potential Undisclosed Income
Determination of Separate and Marital Property
Potential dissipation of assets

Client reassurance and financial support during mediation or arbitration

Provide testimony regarding financial matters

Success Story

“I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Katherine’s services to my clients. Her assistance in the division of marital assets, and then alimony after the assets have been accounted for, both marital and non-marital is invaluable. Additionally, Katherine helps clients to make the most of their assets and the alimony they will ultimately receive after their divorce has been finalized.”

Kimberly A. O’Steen, P.L.,
Attorney at Law